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If you've got a leaky home, the excess moisture can build up and cause major irrepairable damage to the structure of your home.

If it's left untreated, it could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix, and can lead to severe health problems for your family. Re-cladding with Homeland will completely remove any leaks in your home, and give you a brand new exterior.


What caused so many leaky homes in NZ?

How does the recladding process work with Homeland ?


Every project is different and the work methodology for each recladding project will vary. However, there are key components of the cladding process that are common to all recladding projects, including:


  1. Preparation of Reclad Design and Specification
  2. Building Consent application to the Council.
  3. Removal of all the existing cladding, building wrap, joinery and insulation.
  4. Removing all damaged or decayed timber (under supervision of Building Consultant and Council) and replacing with treated timber.
  5. Alteration of any construction details required to make compliant with the current building code (i.e. reconstruction of decks to provide for membrane up-stand and falls to drainage outlets).
  6. Treatment of all existing timber with an approved timber treatment.
  7. Installation of insulation, new building wrap and waterproofing tapes.
  8. Installation of refurbished joinery or new joinery.
  9. Installation of a new cladding system of your choice

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